Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

How Accessories can Boost Ultrasonic Cleaner Utility

Elma ultrasonic cleaner models featured on this website are typically purchased with baskets.  There are several additional accessories that can increase the utility of your ultrasonic equipment or can help boost performance and throughput.

Here are some examples:

  • Ultrasonic tank covers are provided as standard for the E, P, and most S models to help reduce noise and evaporation, and serve as drip trays. TI-H and X-tra Basic series offer a choice of standard or insulated covers.
  • Special covers with openings are also available to support glass beakers for sample processing.
  • Cooling coils are used to help maintain liquid temperature within acceptable limits. This is a useful accessory for mixing thermally labile samples or running long cleaning cycles because sonication itself heats up the bath.
  • Acid-resistant polypropylene tubs can be used when cleaning with acidic solutions that are not compatible with the stainless steel tank. The tubs are immersed in a water bath containing a surfactant.  Ultrasonic energy is transmitted through the tub to act on products in the acidic solution.
  • Flask clamps and holders support test tubes, bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Glass beakers are often used when small parts are being cleaned in order to conserve ultrasonic cleaning solutions. The beakers containing parts and cleaning solution are suspended in a water bath containing a surfactant.
  • Hot air dryers can speed throughput when drying at ambient conditions is slow or impractical.