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Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned expert the Elmasonic E Plus series is an excellent choice in ultrasonic cleaners for just about all general ultrasonic cleaning jobs.  The 9 cleaner models in the E Plus series are the easiest to use in the Elmasonic family.   The intuitive control panel is a study in simplicity.

Examples of how industry is putting Elmasonic E Plus cleaners to work:

Once you set your Elmasonic E Plus ultrasonic cleaner’s cleaning temperature and time you can lower the optional basket and parts into the solution, place the lid on the tank to reduce noise and liquid evaporation then attend to other matters.  What could be easier?

The Elmasonic E Plus is an ideal entry level ultrasonic bath for laboratories.  Select Pulse mode operation for routine sample preparation. Intermittent spikes of ultrasonic power quickly mix, dissolve, disperse, and homogenize samples.  Choose Pulse mode to rapidly degas solvents and solutions.

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The Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most versatile on the market in their price range.  Here’s an ultrasonic cleaner that can “think for itself” by automatically adjusting the ultrasonic power to match the load thanks to its microprocessor controlled ultrasonic generator.  This along with the models’ digital control panel assures equal cleaning performance from batch to batch.

Business and industry has quickly taken to the Elmasonic S Series of cleaners for applications including:

Check out the control panel.  There’s no guesswork here.  LED lights show you the set and actual cleaning solution temperature and the set and current cleaning time.  Once you program the cleaning cycle based on past experience with what’s being cleaned and the cleaning solution instructions you can devote attention to other tasks.  In the meantime your Elmasonic S cleaner delivers perfect cleaning results every time.

The Elmasonic S is ideal for cleaning medical instruments and machined parts, or for general laboratory uses.

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If you perform a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning tasks or are involved in lab work processing a variety of samples, there is an Elmasonic P benchtop cleaner that’s just right for you.  Available in 6 tank capacities from 0.75 to 7.5 gallons, these highly programmable ultrasonic cleaners let you customize operating cycles to handle virtually any cleaning or mixing job that comes through your facility.

Clever applications of the Elmasonic P series include:

Once your cycle is programmed the Elmasonic P cleaner takes over.   Cavitation action and the timer start when the liquid reaches the set temperature.  Program the dual frequency function to operate at 37 or 80 kHz or to switch automatically between the two at 30 second intervals.   If there are particularly stubborn contaminants or you’re working with difficult samples activating the pulse mode sends 20% bursts of additional power through the solution to set things right.  And as an added convenience you can temporarily stop operations by activating the pause button.

The Elmasonic P is ideal for cleaning sensitive electronic parts or for dissolving/dispersing fragile materials and difficult-to-dissolve samples.

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Elma’s robust 37 kHz xtra TT benchtop industrial ultrasonic cleaners in four tank sizes from 0.79 to 4.8 gallons are a great choice when your cleaning operations can run up to 8 hours continuously.  The dynamic mode increases power intensity to remove stubborn contaminants.  A sophisticated temperature control system provides an optical alert if your programmed pre-set temperature limits are exceeded — an important feature that helps protect heat-sensitive products.  The tanks carry a 3-year warranty.

Typical applications for the robust Elma xtra TT series ultrasonic cleaners include

  • Quickly removing grease, oil and other contaminants from engine parts and filters
  • Safely removing polishing pastes from jewelry, watch straps and cases
  • Installations where ultrasonic cleaning cycles are temperature critical or run all day

The Elmasonic xtra TT automatically operates in Sweep mode which distributes cleaning power uniformly throughout the tank.  Activate the Dynamic mode to increase power intensity for removal of particularly stubborn contaminants.  Set temperature in 5⁰C increments to 80⁰C; unit can be set to  start when the temperature is reached. There is an automatic safety shutdown at 90⁰C.  Elmasonic xtra TT ultrasonic cleaners are shipped with a lid to reduce evaporation and noise.

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The 7-member xtra ST family comprises the workhorse units of Elmasonic industrial ultrasonic cleaners.  They’re found in shops handling a wide range of cleaning tasks.  Examples include:

Splash-proof LED-equipped control panels tell at a glance what frequency is being used – 25 or 45 kHz – which functions are operating, and the status of cleaning cycles in terms of time and cleaning solution temperature.

The tank is equipped with two positions for hanging baskets facilitating loading products to be cleaned, and draining freshly cleaned loads while conserving cleaning chemistries by returning them to the tank.  Cleaning tasks are further eased because the Elmasonic xtra ST units can be rolled to the site – requiring only a source of electric power.  Models are equipped with lockable wheels to keep them in place when on site.

Elmasonic xtra ST industrial ultrasonic cleaners are easy to operate and easy to maintain. If service is needed, simply swap out the control panel/generator assembly cutting down time to a minimum.  The new generator automatically tunes itself to the transducers. They come with a 3-year tank warranty (for single shift operation).

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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Designed to perform and built to last

  • More power for faster cleaning
  • Quiet and dependable operation
  • Sweep mode for thorough and uniform cleaning
  • Broad range of tank sizes : 0.5 to 200 liters
  • Available lines of benchtop and large capacity cleaners.
  • Adjustable power and dual frequency for maximum versatility
  • Degas mode to get the cleaning started faster
  • Normal mode to mix, disperse, emulsify, and dissolve samples
  • Pulse mode to remove stubborn contaminants
  • Automatic shut off after 12 hours to protect tank and parts
  • Microprocessor for better process control
  • Variety of convenient accessories including:
    • stainless steel baskets
    • acid-resistant tank liners
    • beaker supports
    • holders for bottles, flasks and test tubes


Increase the utility of your ultrasonic equipment or boost performance and throughput with our line of accessories.


Baskets are available in sizes to hold and protect your parts or equipment during cleaning.

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