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Elma + Tovatech: a strong team since 2006

Our Partnership

Tovatech’s association with Elma dates to 2006 and since then has evolved into a strong partnership through introducing the excellent Elma line of ultrasonic cleaners and concentrated biodegradable cleaning solutions to the North American marketplace. Regardless of your ultrasonic cleaning requirements or the use of sonic energy for sample preparation there is an Elma ultrasonic unit that will do the job quickly, efficiently and reliably.  Please tour this website for complete details on the Elma line of equipment available.

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

One of the most respected names in ultrasonic cleaning technology traces its origins to 1948 with the development of watch cleaning machinery that over the following 10 years became recognized as the world’s best. Elma in 1965 introduced ultrasonic cleaning devices targeting the jewelry, dental, optical and laboratory sectors. The 1981 release of the Transsonic series cemented the company’s leadership in ultrasonic cleaning technology. The popular Elmasonic E, S and P series premiered in 2004, shortly followed by the X-tra line. Elma has representation worldwide.

About Tovatech

Tovatech was founded in 2005 by a team of PhD chemists to provide a variety of scientific equipment to a wide range of research, development, educational, manufacturing and similar organizations.  More than offering top line scientific products, however, Tovatech serves its customers by providing expert personalized service that helps researchers, production personnel and educators select the proper equipment to perform their responsibilities at the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.