Elmadry TD Hot Air/Room Temperature Drying Units

Elma TD Drying Units

Safe, Efficient Drying after Ultrasonic Cleaning

Elmadry TD drying units are offered in three sizes for thorough, efficient drying of parts when removed from an ultrasonic cleaning bath.  They blow filtered hot air or cold (room temperature) air around parts; moisture-laden air exits from the vented lid.

Key Features

  • Switchable hot air 70⁰C (158 °F) and cold air blower for drying sensitive parts
  • Automatically shuts down to avoid overheating
  • 3 sizes accommodate commonly used ultrasonic cleaner baskets
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Replaceable filter assures clean air enters the unit

Available Elmadry TD Models

Elmadry TD 30

Elmadry TD 120

Elmadry TD 300

Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
9.4 x 5.4 x 4
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
11.8 x 9.4 x 8
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
20 x 11,8 x 8

Elmadry TD Drying Devices

Designed for production, workshop and service shops, Elmadry TD drying units are available in three sizes that accommodate a number of cleaning baskets in the Elma family of ultrasonic cleaners.  A typical procedure is rinsing parts after they are brought out of the cleaner then placing the basket and parts in the Elmadry TD unit.

Activate the unit when the vented cover is in place to provide turbulence and vent moisture-laden air to the outside.  After hot air drying you can switch the unit to cold to cool hot parts.