Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions or Cleaning Soaps

Get Superior Results with the Correct Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution or Cleaning Soap

  • 6 Popular formulas tackle most all cleaning challengesimg-elmatec-chemicals
  • Cost-saving concentrates go a long way
  • Available in 2.5, 10 and 25-liter containers
  • Biodegradable to protect you and the environment
  • Unusual cleaning requirement? Call our experts for help

Our most Popular Cleaning Solution Formulas

Select your Elma formulation by using this table to match what you are cleaning with the suggested cleaning solution concentrate.   Containers are shipped with use instructions.

Product NameParts to CleanFor Removal of:Dilute with Water to:Order Online
elma tec clean A1
Electronics, PCBs, electromechanical components, fine opticsFlux residues, polishing suspensions, grease, oil, dust, fingerprints 3-10%2.5L | 10L | 25L
elma tec clean A2
Ferrous & non-ferrous metals, precious metals, glass; brighten brass & copper Oil, fat, grease, sweat, oxides, buffing compounds3-5%2.5L
elma tec clean A4Engine parts, all metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubberOil, grease, combustion residues, soot, dust, other organic contamination2-5%2.5L | 10L | 25L
Elma Lab Clean A20SFVolumetric glassware such as calibrated pipettes, burettes, graduated cylindersA broad range of contaminants including light grease, lime soap, residues, fingerprints & dust1-2%2.5L | 10L | 25L
elma tec clean S1
Non-ferrous & light metals, PCBs, stainless steel, glass, plasticsMineral deposits, oxide layers, rust & lime; polishing media, mineral grease, oil 1-5%2.5L | 10L | 25L
Elma Lab Clean S10Labware from metals including aluminum & its alloys, glass, ceramic & plasticsMineral deposits, oxides, lime soaps, tarnish, light minerals, oils & greases, emulsions, fingerprints & dust.5-1%2.5L | 10L | 25L
elma tec clean N1Gentle cleaning metallic plastics, glassy and ceramic surfaces, jewelry Oils, greases, grinding, lapping & polishing residues, dust, fingerprints5%Call Us!
Elma Lab Clean N10Medical instruments & labware of metals, light metals, glass, ceramics and plasticsEmulsions, residues of markings & labels, lime soaps, light greases & oils, fingerprints & dust1-2%2.5L | 10L | 25L
elma clean 260 dip&splash (ec 260 d&s)Aluminum, laser machined parts, light metal alloys; glassy, ceramic and mineral surfaces, plastics Aqueous cooling emulsions, greases, oils, fingerprints, dust, lime soaps2%2.5L
Elma Noble CleanJewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and their alloysBrightens jewelry within seconds. Removes tarnish from silver. Not suitable for soft stones, pearls or corals50%1L
Elma tec clean KSSteel, gray cast iron and hard metalsPrevents corrosion of metals during/after aqueous cleaning0.05 – 0.5%2.5L
GunClean L6 ConcentrateGuns, rifles, aluminum partsCarbon, Oil, Grease, Dirt10%1Gal
GunClean L5Lubricates guns, rifles, bicycle partsFull Strength1Gal
JewelryClean S8Silver, Platinum, Jewelry and GemsDirts, Grease, Buffing compounds, Rouge, Tripoli, Oxides2-5%2Qt
Hydro-Sonic Non-ammoniatedHeavily soiled metal parts, printing platesInk, dyes, grease, heavy soils, varnishMakes 8 gallons of solution per bottle1Gal
Medclean C7Medical and Dental InstrumentsBlood, Tissue, Ointments, Bodily Excretions1-3%1Gal
Shellac BusterHeavily soiled carburetors and engine parts, production equipment, tools, mixing vats, tanks and drumsCarbon, varnish, shellac, rust, printing inks, paints, adhesives, powder coatings, grease and oilFull Strength1Gal

Questions?  Ask the Experts

As noted above these are our most widely used cleaning solution formulas.  If you have unusual cleaning challenges please call Elma ultrasonic cleaning experts for help in selecting the correct ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution formula to meet your requirements.