Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories Improve Efficiency

From cleaning your house to getting more utility from your automobile the right accessories can make a big difference.  So it is with your ultrasonic cleaner.  Small investments in the right accessories can pay big dividends in cleaning results, faster throughput and in expanding the services you can offer.  This post describes a selection of the many ultrasonic cleaning accessories available from Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners and how they can improve your efficiency.

Examples of Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories

  • Small parts cleaning with flammable solvents requires special precautions* but can be performed when parts are place in covered beakers partially immersed in a water-filled ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic waves pass through the beaker walls and into the solvent. Ask us about Elma flammable solvent beaker kits.
  • Fine screen immersion baskets are ideal for cleaning very small parts.  These are placed in the regular cleaning basket or can be suspended in the cleaning solution or into beakers containing different cleaning solution formulations. Ultrasonic energy passes through the beaker walls and acts on their contents.
  • Acid-resistant tubs are required ultrasonic cleaning accessories when using highly acidic cleaning solutions that will damage cavitation-resistant stainless steel cleaning tanks.  These are inserted in the tank partially filled with water treated with a surfactant.   Ultrasonic waves pass through the tub and acts on parts immersed in the acidic cleaning formula.
  • Cooling coils are called for if bath temperature increases beyond acceptable limits. Note that  bath temperature increases are a byproduct of cavitation action. The coil is fitted to tank walls.  Its inlet and outlet tubes are attached to a recirculating cold water supply.
  • Laboratory sieve and screen cleaning is facilitated with the cleverly designed stainless steel SRH 4/200 sieve rotation holder.  Electrically powered it easily fits onto select sizes of the Elmasonic E Plus and S series ultrasonic cleaners. Contact us for more information.
  • Erlenmeyer flask clamps and test tube holders are ultrasonic cleaning accessories that position samples correctly in laboratory applications for ultrasonic baths such as performed by the Elma S150.
  • Jewelry racks or small parts holders equipped with hooks and supported by the tank walls suspend parts in the cleaning solution.
  • Electric hot air dryers quickly and gently evaporate water from sensitive parts such as jewelry.
  • Noise suppression is a critical health issue in many settings.  Ultrasonic cleaners, especially those operating at lower frequencies, generate noise that can be mitigated by placing the cleaner in a noise suppression box.  Some models of heavy duty ultrasonic cleaners with welded tanks such as the TI-H series and xtra TT series have insulated lids as options.

The scientists at Elma are ready to assist you in selecting and providing ultrasonic cleaning accessories – including correctly sized baskets – that help you get the most out of your equipment investment for industry or for labs.  This should enable you to take on more cleaning projects and research projects.  Please contact us by email or call us for more information.

*Important Note: This operation must be performed in proximity to a ventilation system ensuring that flammable vapor cannot reach an ignitable concentration near the ultrasonic tank. Check local fire regulations for the maximum quantity of flammable solvent that may be treated in an open ultrasonic tank.