Rugged TI-H Series

Elmasonic TI-H Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic TI-H Series Features

  • Heavy-duty double-welded stainless steel tanks built to last
  • Dual frequency 25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz to handle multiple cleaning challenges:
    • 25 kHz coarse removal of corrosion, lapping abrasives and polishing paste
    • 35 kHz or 45 kHz medium intensity fine cleaning of oils and grease
    • 130 kHz gentle cleaning of fragile parts such as sensitive electronics
  • Fully adjustable ultrasonic power to set the cleaning intensity
  • Heater, timer, drain, and three ultrasonic modes to clean, mix, and remove gas
  • Ergonomic handles for easy positioning.
  • Heater pilot lamp goes out when set temperature is reached.
  • Rear drain with a 2-way ½” ball valve to empty the tank.
  • Superior German engineering supports a 3-year tank warranty.
  • Optional hinged insulated or standard lids to reduce noise and evaporation.
  • Other optional accessories for special tasks.

Available Elmasonic TI-H Series Models

TI-H 10

Tank Volume (gal.): 2.9
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
11.8 x 9.4 x 5.9

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TI-H 15

Tank Volume (gal.): 3.8
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
11.8 x 9.4 x 7.9

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Elmasonic TI-H Series

Elma’s heavy-duty TI-H tabletop industrial ultrasonic cleaners, available in 4 capacities from 1.2 to 5.2 gallons, are your best choice when cleaning projects run continuously in the shop. This is because TI-H cleaning tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge cavitation-resistant stainless steel with double-welded (inside and outside) seams.  These heavy-duty tanks carry a 3-year warranty.

TI-H ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for small scale industrial operation.  They can be set for up to 15 minutes of operation using the timer, or run continuously with manual shut-off.  But because sonic action creates heat that evaporates the cleaning solution, TI-H heating elements are dry run protected if the tank is unattended and the liquid is allowed to run low.  However, to optimize cleaning performance and to maximize the lifetime of the equipment, the liquid level in the tank should be properly maintained!

The TI-H ultrasonic cleaner has a microprocessor-controlled generator that supports consistent, reproducible ultrasonic power in the tank for both large and small loads. The time, temperature, power, frequency, and mode are set with sturdy turning knobs on the control panel.  These simple controls make the TI-H very easy to use.

Powerful Industrial Dual-Frequency Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Variable Power:  Adjustable cleaning or mixing power from 10% to 100% to suit the task.
Heater: Thermostatically adjustable heater from 30⁰C to 80⁰C.
Sweep Frequency: Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to eliminate hot spots, dead zones, and standing waves.
Degas Mode: Intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of entrained air from liquids.
Normal Mode: Operates at fixed ultrasonic frequency for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples.
icon-timerTimer:  Program cleaning up to 15 minutes or for continuous operation with manual shut-off.