X-tra Basic Industrial Cleaners

Elmasonic X-tra Basic Series Features

  • Fast and thorough industrial cleaning
  • Select 25 kHz for coarse cleaning, 45 kHz for fine cleaning
  • Wheel-mounted units roll to the job location
  • Sweep mode evenly distributes cleaning action
  • Pulse mode offers more intensive cleaning
  • Intuitive control panel makes operation simple
  • Attractive, easily cleaned stainless steel cabinet.
  • Slanted tank floor speeds solution draining.
  • Dry-run protected heating supports long cleaning cycles.
  • Superior German engineering supports a 3-year tank warranty.
  • Optional hinged insulated or standard lids to reduce noise and evaporation.
  • Other optional accessories for special tasks.

Available Elmasonic X-tra Basic Series Models

X-tra Basic 300

X-tra Basic 800

X-tra Basic 1200

Tank Volume (gal.):
Tank Volume (gal.):
Tank Volume (gal.):
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
12.9 x 11.8 x 11.8
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
19.7 x 12.9 x 19.7
Tank Internal Dimensions
(W x D x H in.):
23.6 x 23.6 x 13.8

Elmasonic X-tra Basic Series

The 6-member X-tra basic family comprises the workhorse units of Elmasonic industrial ultrasonic cleaners.  They’re found in shops handling a wide range of cleaning tasks – from grungy engine components to newly fabricated assemblies ready for painting, plating or further processing.  Splash-proof LED-equipped control panels tell at a glance what frequency is being used – 25 or 45 kHz – which functions are operating, and the status of cleaning cycles in terms of time and cleaning solution temperature.

The tank is equipped with two positions for hanging baskets facilitating loading products to be cleaned, and draining freshly cleaned loads while conserving cleaning chemistries by returning them to the tank.  Cleaning tasks are further eased because the Elmasonic X-tra basic units can be rolled to the site – requiring only a source of electric power.  Larger models are equipped with lockable wheels to keep them in place when on site.

Elmasonic X-tra basic ultrasonic cleaners are easy to operate and easy to maintain. If service is needed, simply swap out the control panel/generator assembly cutting down time to a minimum.  The new generator automatically tunes itself to the transducers.

Large Capacity Extra-Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaners

LED Display: Steady LEDs indicate set time and set temp; flashing LEDs indicate remaining time and actual temp.
Heater: Thermostatically adjustable heater from 30⁰C to 80⁰C. Automatically shuts off for safety when temperature reaches 90⁰C.
Sweep Frequency: Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency provides uniform, safe cleaning.  Sweep eliminates hot spots, dead zones, and standing waves.
Pulse Mode:  Intermittent bursts of additional power dissolve nearly insoluble samples and remove tenacious contaminants.
icon-timer Timer:  Program cleaning up to 30 minutes or continuous operation with manual shut off; auto switch off at 12 hours for safety.
Drain: Side mounted stainless steel ball valve drain..